5 outdoor spring cleaning tips tricks

One of the most joyous occasions in the Spring season best known as Spring cleaning! Although the physical labor might be a tad tedious, the end result after all the hard work is truly worth the reward in the end. The refreshing sense of feeling a pick-me-up to dust away the Fall and the Winter, paving way for new memories and makeshifts in your home. Cut down on the deep cleaning of your house anytime soon by maintaining the areas that you took the time to spruce up for Spring by staying mindful and aware of some of the debris, dirt and other undesirable new visitors. We’ve compiled a list of the best indoor and outdoor tips and tricks to assure all nooks and crannies get cleaned.


1. Clean the Cobwebs:

Over the course of the colder months, it’s likely you spent a lot less time outdoors and shifting things around in your garage or around the perimeters of your home, under the eaves – creepy crawly spiders have found a home. Why not make it easy on yourself and create a DIY cobweb duster to claim your outdoor living area back? Do a sweep on the outside perimeter of your home, literally! Use an old towel to cover the bristles of your outdoor broom to sweep away all visible cobwebs to encourage spiders and other pesky pests to find a new home to live for the Spring.


2. Clean Out the Trash Cans:

Taking the time to rinse out the inside of your trash bins are an important investment for the near future in the warmer seasons for reasons you can only imagine. The bacteria accumulated over the colder months of running out to throw out rubbish in the colder seasons has already quickly built up and could be used for a clean. Nothing ruins a sweet Spring day like the fresh smell of garbage leftover from the holidays. 4-month old fruitcake, yum! Leave your trash smelling fresh by pouring a small amount of dish soap in each of the barrels, tilting them on their sides and use water pressure to rinse them out. Your house guests will be grateful as we all know how smelly warm garbage can be.


3. Clean the Barbecue Grill:

Following a full set of Fall and Winter weeks of no use, it’s almost a guarantee the barbeque grill is well overdue for a good cleaning. For a simple clean, use a grilling tool to scrape off residue and old food after heating up the grill to burn off the unwanted reminders of last summer’s final BBQs. Did someone say baby back ribs?


4. Disinfect Outdoor Toys & Patio Furniture:

After weeks and weeks of these items being exposed to the outdoor conditions, it’s likely lots of germs and bacteria found comfort from the elements inside of your outdoor playground or lawn chairs. Taking the time to clean your furniture cushions, your pets/children’s outdoor play toys, along with any other outdoor furniture will make all the world’s difference in your comfort level the next time you decide to host an event or simply enjoy the great outdoors.


5. Take the Leaves Out of the Gutters:

Neglected gutters can be easy to stick on the list of things to do later, but you’ll be glad you did! Debris clogging up your gutters will prevent your gutters from doing their job, collecting rain during May showers. Avoid allowing all the collected debris, dirt, and bacteria from entering your home – clean it out. Be sure to use gloves and a face mask.

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