5 tips for planning a bathroom remodel

There are many factors to consider when looking to remodel a bathroom in your home as it is an investment we don’t take part in more than once or twice over the course of living in our homes on average. Taking the time to think ahead of time and plan for exactly what you envision can be a tad bit more overwhelming than may first appear. Have no fear, ProSource Supplies is here to help! Not only is a beautiful, remodeled bathroom one of the best cost-effective ways to increase the overall value of your home, but also will be a refreshing facelift to improve your quality of life as their is no feeling better than a new bathroom. Good luck and enjoy your newly remodeled bathroom!


1. How to Pick Out Textures & Tiles

Always take the time to pick out your materials in person and think about the longevity/functionality in your top choices. Yes, a white fur bath mat sounds like a great idea on Amazon – but realistically, how long will it stay clean? How will you clean the bath mat once it does become contaminated? The same theory goes for choosing the color of your bathroom textiles. Yes, the mint yellow looks great online but you’ll never know the truth until you match the swatch in person with your other remodeling choices. Blue and white hues work best in bathrooms in the long run.


2. Make a Budget

One of the most important keys of taking on any large project, including remodeling a bathroom includes planning ahead of time how much money you would like to spend to see the result you are seeking. It’s immensely easy to “spiral out of control” in spending when remodeling only to later regret some of the choices made and be stuck in your overall plan. Try your best not to be spontaneous and stick to the solid choices you initially made while planning.


3. Generate a To-Do List

New bathtub? Changing door knobs? Need a special light bulb? Find your inspiration and allow it to follow you directly to your To-Do list. Try to find reasonable and manageable ways to bring your dream renovated bathroom to life by writing goals down with pen on paper. Make a list of what needs to be done accompanied by a rough estimate of the timeline you’d like to follow to avoid becoming overwhelmed with your exciting project. Writing things down not only allows for ideal organization, but also is a sure way to help stick to your budget as it is laid out in front of you.


4. Ask for Help If You Need It

Don’t feel comfortable breaking down your own bathroom bright and early on a Saturday morning? Accidently break the wrong pipe? Don’t be too alarmed and don’t be afraid to call for help. It’s best to have a professional handle the situation as it will not only cause you less stress, but you’ll be much more satisfied with the end results without question. Even phoning a friend comes in handy when taking on remodeling, an extra set of hands never hurt.


5. Forget Me Not

Need a special spout for the new sink? Need to order any specialty items before you begin the project? What about the paint primer!? Have you thought about incorporating any new outlets? How about faceplates for the outlets? Make things as easy as possible for yourself by planning ahead of time to assure you have ALL items you may need before getting started on your remodeling project to avoid havok whilst in the midst of it. Please do keep in mind most items in your new bathroom will take time to order and install – it’s your best interest to collect as many tools, items, and chosen product ahead of time before rolling up your sleeves to begin. Good luck!

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