Discovering a broken air vent or finding air leaks in your home can be one of the most difficult tasks as you can imagine outdoor air will rarely expose itself – in turn making it a tad difficult to come across. Although air leaks can be difficult to discover, the importance of assuring your home is sealed up tight contributes to helping your home become more energy efficient and allows your HVAC system to do its job properly. Checking for leaks and filling gaps around doorways is the most important when securing the air quality in your home. Not only will your utility bills be grateful you sealed up the cracks and gaps, taking the time to locate as many air leaks in your home as you can will result in saving roughly a third of the overall heating costs in your home. Cracks in both new and older homes occur due primarily to occasions including weather conditions, but mostly simply wear and tear over the course of time.


When taking the time to investigate the air leaks, turn off your HVAC unit on a day with strong winds and proceed close all windows and doors. With the exclusion of bath and stove fans, assure all other fans or vents in your home are powered off for the best results. Using sage or incense as a tool throughout your home, notice the areas where smoke seems to have access to the outdoor environment. Areas including under the door, near windows you recall feeling near and near vents are the most important to assure no leaks or damages are present. Naturally, any location in your home where the incense is able to escape there is a high probability air is entering into your home.


Although using door draft stoppers or caulk could be helpful, like most other home-related issues it’s best to tackle the home improvement situation head on to avoid future damage and protect your present investments. Some leaks will be much easier to uncover than others, but running through this process every season will only be beneficial.

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