Simple DIY – How to Insulate a Ceiling

How To Insulate A Ceiling

Whether you are renovating or just looking to upgrade your home, adding ceiling insulation is a fantastic way to save yourself a few dollars as well as doing your bit for the environment. Some jobs around the house are best left to a professional, but fitting ceiling insulation is quite a simple job for even the most inexperienced DIYer. Not only will it save you the cost of hiring a professional, but you will also get that sense of pride of a job well done. To help you on your way, here is a step by step guide to lead you through the whole process.

  • Turn off the electricity and wear protective clothing
    Like all DIY jobs, the first consideration should be safety. Fitting insulation in a ceiling or roof space will mean working around electrical cables, so the first job is to turn off the electricity. Once that is done, you need to kit yourself up with gloves, safety goggles, and a mask, and make sure your clothing covers your arms and legs. The fibers in ceiling insulation can irritate both your skin and the lining of your airways, so it is important to minimize contact as much as reasonably possible.

  • Measure and cut the insulation to fit
    Now you are ready for action. Start in one corner, and measure the width between the joists so you can cut the insulation to the correct size. Remember that the distances between each of the joist will probably vary, so you will need to measure each space before cutting. Most insulation can be cut using a simple craft knife, but for longer lengths, it can be easier to use an old hand saw to cut the insulation while it is still in its packaging.

    If you are working on a new ceiling where the plasterboard is not yet in place, you will need to make sure each piece is cut a little bit wider than the gap so it can wedge in place. If you do end up cutting some a bit narrow though, don’t panic. You can always hammer a nail into the joists to support the insulation. If you are working in a roof space where the ceiling is already in place, this is less critical, and you can just lay the insulation in place. Although, you do need to make sure that you cut a hole in the insulation around any electrical fittings to reduce the risk of fire.

  • Work orderly, and keep any offcuts
    It is then simply a case of working your way around the ceiling fitting all the insulation as you go. To avoid waste, it is a good idea to do all of the longest lengths first, and then fill in the bits with what you have left. Keep even the small offcuts of insulation, as you will often find you need an extra few centimeters here and there to finish off, and you don’t want to have to open a new roll for a tiny amount.

  • Clean up
    Once all the insulation is in place, all you need to do is get cleaned up. Keep all of your protective gear on while handling the excess insulation, and try to minimize the amount of dust that gets thrown up into the air. Once you have cleared the insulation, throw away any disposable gear, and put your clothes straight into the wash to stop any fibers spreading throughout the house.

    That’s it- a nice warm home, and a few extra dollars off the heating bill. Fitting ceiling insulation is one of the easier jobs for those keen on DIY, so if you are thinking of getting it done, then you can save yourself the money of hiring a professional by doing it yourself. You’ll thank yourself for it in the cold winter months.